Questions? We have answers!

Q. How long can I borrow for?
A. All Memberships can borrow for a period of 3 weeks.

Q. I can’t return my toys on the due date. What do I do?
A. You can renew your toys once by logging in to your Member account. This must be done before the due date but if you miss it, just contact us and we can renew them for you.

Q. Do you charge fines for lost pieces or damage?
A. Not generally but there are circumstances where a fine may be applied. Please see our Conditions of Membership for more details.

Q. I have some toys my children no longer play with. Can I donate them to you?
A. Yes, we always welcome donations of toys. Even if the toy is no longer complete, we may have pieces to make it complete or we may be able to use the pieces for spare parts. The only items we don’t accept are soft toys and books.

Q. When do I have to complete all my duty?
A. You have 12 months to complete all your duty, but we do suggest completing your duty as soon as possible, so you don’t have it all to do in the last month.

Q. Am I the only one that is allowed to complete our duty?
A. No, anyone can come and do your duty. As long as you let us know who will be covering you, you can send anyone you like! Grandparents, older children, Aunts, Uncles and neighbours are some of the people who cover your duty - so handy!

Q. Can I bring my children with me while I complete my duty?
A. Yes, you can. We love it when children stay and play. It can sometimes get noisy, so if you have a sensory sensitive child, we recommend you speak to a Committee Member beforehand.